This is what some people are saying about Atomic Brother. Follow links to read the full reviews.

“Take You Away” a punk rock classic… Band of unlimited possibilities! –

“Several DJs from different fields of music have been picking up on Atomic Brother, a four-piece from New York, and once you listen to a few of their songs it’s easy to understand why. Few bands touch upon so many different styles as these guys, as their songs mix the aggressiveness of metal, the vitality of rock, the urgency of punk as well as the catchy melodies of pop into one whole that is more than the sum of its parts.” – Indie In Tune

“Atomic Brother can certainly write powerful songs. Like, for example, the Henry Rollins-like title track, the cool rocking “Take You Away,” or the up tempo “Employee of the Month.” The fine “Home in the Sky” proves that Atomic Brother can play mellow songs as well.” –

“Songs that sound like All, Rollins Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Alice in Chains (sometimes all at once). Still, these boys do rock.” – Aiding & Abetting

“I like them. They are absolutely brilliant…they’ve mastered all different styles, they go from rock to metal to punk.” – GD, Bite Size Bonus

“I really love the music of Atomic Brother, and that’s why, ya know, I played it so many times.” – Jim Vorwald, podcaster

“Not only metal, but sort of the whole rock spectrum. Quite an interesting band.” – Pav, Rock Out Loud

“I think they got some good stuff and I am gonna share it with everybody.” – Corey Koehler, Bruno Boys Fantasy Football Show


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