Wastin’ Time With Atomic Brother Live!

Last Sunday, while we were in the studio working demos for our new songs, we were experimenting with a live, multi-camera video feed from the studio. Although there were some kinks, it worked out so good that we are going to do this every Sunday that we are in the studio! Here’s how it works.

We start our day in the studio around noon, setting up and recording new songs. Then you join us around 1pm Eastern by going to clicking on Wastin’ Time With Atomic Brother Live! in the sidebar, or by visiting our channel at http://mogulus.com/atomicbrother to chat with us or other viewers. While we’re working you can use the chat window to send messages direct to the studio or to each other; let us know how you’re liking the new songs. Anything really. No registration is necessary, so you don’t have to worry about managing another account.

This should be a fun, and a good opportunity to reconnect with you all! Especially those of you that can’t make it to New York. So, join us in the studio Sundays starting around 1pm Eastern for Wastin’ Time With Atomic Brother Live!