Where are the Brothers???

Hey! This site hasn’t been updated in a while! What’s going on?

Here’s the sitch… Atomic Brother is on a bit of a break.

Atomic Brother began around 2001 with our first release in 2004. But the history of Atomic Brother started way before 2001. James and I started playing together in college in the 90s at the Berklee College of Music. We started a couple bands, recorded some demos, did a bunch of gigs and then after we graduated we toured with a band across Europe for about a year. After that we did some different things and came back together to start another band together in 1998, released an EP and then went on to do Atomic Brother for the next 10 or 11 years. With Atomic Brother we released See Me Comin’, Silence Collide and Pretty Little Lunatic and recorded enough material for another full album.

So, what the hell? We recorded enough for another album but did’t release? Yep. That’s right. James and I both love the music we created with Atomic Brother, and love playing music with each other. But, musically we needed to do some different things that really didn’t fit with our definition of Atomic Brother.

Is Atomic Brother breaking up over musical differences? Hell no. We’re doing what we do. We play together and bust our asses real good making the best music we can. Then we take a break do something different and eventually come back together and create more music.

We don’t have a schedule for getting back to Atomic Brother, but we appreciate everyone that’s supported us in the past and all the new people that are discovering Atomic Brother and buying our records and supporting us into the future.

Keep up with James at http://jamesmelillo.com/.

Keep up with me (Sebastian) at http://sasebastian.com.

And keep checking back here. Who knows, maybe we’ll finish mixing the last batch of songs and put them out before we get back together. Stay tuned.