Recording In Austin: April 5, 2010

This was the last day of recording. We got to it right away, reviewing the guitar solo for “When It’s Over.” After review, we really liked the solo from the previous day, so James learned that solo, and plugged in to the Fender, and nailed it. Then he hit the solo on the outro, finishing up all the songs. With all the tracking done it was time for some fun-the live acoustic tracks. Each of the Eps we will be releasing will have 3 studio tracks, plus 2 live, acoustic tracks. The live tracks for this session were recorded differently than all the others. When we recorded at James’ place, we could only record 2 inputs at a time, so we recorded those with a pair of condensers in stereo x-y pattern. For these recordings we had the stereo condenser mics, but I also recorded the line out of the Takamine acoustic and had James sing through the Carvin mic. Another twist on these tracks was the bass. In the other live tracks I played James’ Fender Squire P-Bass. On these I played my new upright bass with pickup. To finish out the recordings we ran through live versions of “Better Day,” “Uninvited,” “Home In The Sky” and “The Blindness.”

– Sebastian