Recording In Austin: April 4, 2010

Day 4, Easter Sunday, started out with James making us huge-ass, shrimp omelets for late breakfast. Then an early start with more work on “The Blindness.” The vocals on “The Blindness” moved along really quickly, and then we moved on to recording bass. I typically play “The Blindness” on a 5-string bass, but my Jaguar bass had the perfect tone for this song. So, I ended up tuning down to D, and spending some time learning how to play the song in the new tuning. After that all the main tracks for all the songs were wrapped and it was time for guitar solos and other filler parts. James rocked guitar solos on “Better Day” & “When It’s Over.” When we record guitar solos we loop the solo section, and let James rip until he finds the solo he likes best, before we hit record. First we started with “The Blindness.” James had a melody part to finish up and the solo. We ended up going with the Fender for all those instead of the Marshall, for a less harsh sound. “When It’s Over” was the last song of the day. James didn’t like solo from the demo, so he started fresh, and we looped this one for a good hour, did a couple takes and decided to revisit on Day 5. After quitting time it was dinner at Texas Land & Cattle followed a trip down South Austin one of James’ new favorite guitar players, Red Volkeart, at The Continental Club with his band Heybale. The band featured 5 top country touring side men, and was outstanding!

– Sebastian