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    Recording In Austin: April 3, 2010

    Day 3 started out with migas for a late breakfast at Maudies North Lamar and back in studio. We still had work to do on “When It’s Over,” We did all the electric guitars on Friday, today was all about acoustic guitars and vocals on that song. We recorded James perferoming acoustic guitar parts with 2 different acoustics. The main part is played on my 1970s Kay acoustic, and the rhythm is the Takamine we used on “Better Day.” We also did a little editing on the song form, trimming out some verse lead-ins, bringing the song to about 5:30 minutes from just over 6 minutes. This one features both me and James on vocals. James takes the lead, singing in the chorus, and lots of screaming in the choruses. My part is a harmony to the verse vocals. After wrapping up “When It’s Over” we tracked all the rhythm guitars for “The Blindness” and then headed out to Trudy’s for a late dinner and Margaritas.

    – Sebastian

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