Recording In Austin: April 2, 2010

Second Day in the studio is wrapped. We started out the day showing James around downtown Austin and Lake Austin. Went for some crepes for lunch, and back in studio by 12:30. We started with James singing the vocals for “Better Day.” Although we had already figured what we wanted on this track, we spent a little more time tweaking melodies. After “Better Day” vocals, we moved on to recording the bass. We spent a little more time on bass than I’d like, but, I’ve never been happy with my part. So, we looped the different parts until I got the part I was really happy with. With “Better Day” in the can, we moved on to guitars for “When It’s Over.” For this one we broke out my Fender Deluxe 90 amp to record James performing 2 clean guitar parts in the verses. The Fender was close mic’d with a single SM57. We were back to the Marshall for the distorted guitars on the choruses. We wrapped the session after 7 hours, I grilled up some dinner and then we headed downtown for some live music.

– Sebastian