Recording In Austin: April 1, 2010

We’re out at AGCruxansata Studio (aka my project studio) in Austin, Texas recording 3 tracks for Fall/Winter Eps. James came in from NY around 11 am, then we went out to rent a guitar amp – a JCM 900 head with a JCM 800 cab- from David Marshall at Fast Horse Studios. We started with the song “Better Day”, recording rhythm guitars with James playing his 1986 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty and my 2008 Les Paul Standard. THe cabinet was mic’d in the our usual way, 2 SM57’s one on the outside of one speaker, and one on the inside of another, making for a full-range sound mixed together. Then we tracked James playing an acoustic rhythm track and a second acoustic capoed at 10th fret for mandolin-ish kind of melody, with my Takamine. The acoustic was recorded mic’d & direct through, both through a Focusrite Platinum TwinTrack. We went a little extra and also recorded bass. For this song I used my 2009 Fender Jaguar with 2 lines- 1 through a Radial Pro DI and the other through the Focusrite.