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    February Studio Update

    At the end of December James spent some time in the studio with drummer Robert C. Kelly recording tracks for the fourth Atomic Brother Ep. The 3 studio tracks on that Ep are called “Better Day,” “When It’s Over,” and “The Blindness.” These are a little departure from the first three Eps. So, what’s up with all the Eps; there’s only one out now! mixing the second Ep starts March 2, and I’ll be back at 5th Street Studios in Austin, TX overseeing the mix with Craig Sadler behind the board mixing. We’ll be releasing this, still untitled EP, in April. And like the Silence Collide Ep, this will be digital-only, and will have 2 live acoustic tracks. We’re also putting together some bonus material that you can only get here at our site. I’ll be providing updates from the studio here and on our twitter feed. So stay tuned.


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