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    October 6 – Coming Together

    The last couple weeks has been pretty hectic. I spent a week at 5th Street Studios in Austin, TX mixing “Silence Collide,” “Hands Up,” and “Perfect Day” with our engineer Craig Sadler. Craig did a killer job mixing the three tracks, in what seemed like record time! The next day I flew to New York to join James to record vocals, guitars and bass on “As Far As I Can Go” and “Sin Is In” for the next Ep at James’ place on Long Island. We made a make-shift studio in his place and spent 12-hour days recording all the parts before I was back on the plane to Austin. We’re now mastering the songs with Joe Lambet (who mastered our Elected and See Me Comin’ releases) and working on the artwork.

    With this being a digital-only release it’s easy to skimp on the artwork, but we feel that images are a big part of the recordings; digital or physical! We get the tracks back from mastering later next week, and if the artwork is done at the same time, it looks like we’ll be in iTunes in November. If you can’t wait until November, everyone on the Atomic Brother mailing list will get a free download of the 5-song EP. If you aren’t on the mailing list, enter your information in the side bar. We’ll let everyone know how to get their free copy before it’s in stores.

    – Sebastian

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