September 21 – Silence Collide

Since we’ve been on Twitter, we’ve been a little lax updating the news/blog portion of this site. So, here’s what’s been going on. We wrapped up recording all the demos and moved on to recording the final versions of songs. It looks like we’ll be releasing several EPs over the next few months. The first one is being mixed this week. The EP is called “Silence Collides” and features the songs “Silence Collides,” “Perfect Day,” and “Hands Up.” These tracks have James on vocals and guitar, Sebastian on bass with drums by Robert C. Kelly. The guitar and bass were recorded in my old studio in NJ, while the drums were recorded at the university Rob is currently teaching at in Seoul, Korea. We are mixing at 5th Street Studios in Austin, TX.

While all this is going on, we are working on the next EP. This one will feature the songs “Bullet From My Brain,” “Sin Is In,” and “As Far As I Can Go.” The bass for “Bullet” was recorded in my old NJ studio, while the bass for “Sin” and “As Far” were recorded in my new studio in Austin. We’ve got 2 drummers on this one. Rob returns for “Bullet” and Pat Aeby (who played on See Me Comin’) is on “Sin” and “As Far.” I’ll be packing the laptop and going back to New York this weekend to record James’ guitars and vocals to finish this one. Release dates for both these EPS, and how you can buy them or get them free will be coming soon!

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– Sebastian