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    New Atomic Brother Website Launched

    The all-new atomicbrother.com is now online! Take a tour of the new layout and redesign. We put the navigation within easy reach in the left sidebar. You can also find links watch the latest episodes of our podcast, Wastin’ Time With Atomic Brother, and links to all your favorite social networking sites, like FaceBook, MySpace and more.

    Check out the new audio player and mailing list widgets, in the right sidebar, powered by Reverbnation.com. Everyone that signs up on the mailing list from now until September 30, 2008 will get a free download of an unreleased song from our album, See Me Comin’. We’ll be migrating our mailing list to this service, so make sure to enter your name up even if you are already on the list! Also, get the latest updates in from our Twitter feed in the right sidebar. Click on the logo and follow our updates, and we’ll follow you, too.

    This site isn’t all about us, anymore. We’ll be running contests and giveaways just about every month. And we also want to hear from you! You can leave us comments on just about every page. Sign up for an account and let us know what you think.

    See you later at Bedrock for the Baltimore Music Conference!

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