MAY 13, 2010


Pretty Little Lunatic Cover Art

Austin, TX, May 13, 2010 – The alternative hard rock band Atomic Brother, is back with their 4th release, the EP, Pretty Little Lunatic (Atomic Brother Music), set for release on May 25, 2010 through AmazonMP3 and their Bandcamp powered online portal, (release on iTunes and other digital outlets will follow in subsequent weeks). Produced by Atomic Brother’s S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo and James Melillo, Pretty Little Lunatic is a cool amalgam of punk rock stylings, modern alternative metal and anthemic 70s classic rock.

Recorded in 5 cities in 3 countries, Pretty Little Lunatic features 5 new songs, 3 studio tracks and 2 live acoustic tracks and is the second in a series of EPs to be released by the band. “Right after we released See Me Comin’, we began writing and recording demos of new songs and found we had a lot of really good material and were anxious to get new music out as quick as possible,” says Sebastian. “We thought recording songs in groups of 3 with a couple live acoustic songs thrown in, and releasing them as EPs was the best way to do that”

After locking themselves away in the Swiss Alps for a month to record their first album, recording Pretty Little Lunatic was no easy task. With their 2 studio drummers Pat Aeby and Robert C. Kelly in Switzerland and South Korea respectively, James in Atlantic Beach, NY and Sebastian moving from Montclair, NJ to Austin, TX, the band had to be creative and make the best of the time they had together. “Since S.A. and I have been living in different places, we have kind of become the Steely Dan of heavy rock!” says James. “Concentrating on writing great songs and recording and playing live when it makes sense. Working this way forced us into really honing in on songwriting!” Demos recorded in Montclair, NJ were sent to the 2 drummers to record their final parts. Sebastian recorded the final bass parts at his home studios in Montclair and Austin, then joined James in Atlantic Beach to record the final guitar and vocal parts in a makeshift studio built out in his apartment.

Pretty Little Lunatic opens with the punk-infused, rapid-fire vocals of “Sin Is In,” moves into “As Far As I Can Go,” Atomic Brother’s modern, metal take on classic rockabilly then, in classic Atomic Brother style, the recording takes a turn with the quirky anthem “Bullet From My Brain,” which blends the sounds of 70’s era Who and Led Zeppelin with modern day alternative metal. Atomic Brother closes out Pretty Little Lunatic with “Better Day” and “The Blindness,” 2 songs recorded live and raw – stripped down to just vocals, guitar and bass.

The alternative hard-rock band Atomic Brother, was formed in 2003 by James Melillo (lead vocals/guitar) and S.A. Sebastian Gnolfo (bass/vocals) and splits their time between Atlantic Beach, NY and Austin, TX. While categorized mainly as hard rock, the diversity of the band’s musical influences is apparent in their ability to master a number of different styles—from rock to metal to punk, and even slower songs and ballads. The band line-up is completed by various live and studio drummers including Pat Aeby (formerly of the Swiss rock band Krokus) in Switzerland, and Robert C. Kelly in Seoul, South Korea and the U.S.

Atomic Brother released the Ep, Silence Collide in October 2009, and the full-length album, See Me Comin’ in May 2007.

A download link is available for all qualified media to review. For more information, link to EP or to set up an interview please contact:

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